Stamp Pricing Within the USPS

The United States Postal Service, ran by the United States Government is responsible for postal services throughout America. The most common way for citizens to send and receive mail is by using stamps on letters and postcards. Packages and parcels can be sent through postage determined on dimensions of the item being shipped. As the price of stamps can vary, it is important for all citizens to be up to date in stamp cost. If not, mail can be sent back or undelivered. 

Currently, letters, postcards, large envelopes and packages are all described between height and length. A postcard, as defined by the Unites States Postal Service is between 5-6 inches in length and 3 ½-41/4 inches tall. A letter is between 5-11 ½ inches in length and 3 ½-6 1/8 inches in height. Large envelopes encompass those between 11- ½-15 inches maximum with 6 1/8-12 inches in height. Anything above 180 inches in girth is considered a package and includes package stamping. The only exception is a Parcel Post at up to 130 inches in girth.

United States Postal Service prices for shipping stamps are generally based on weight. Domestically, the starting price for Express Mail, with overnight delivery is $13.25. For priority, with 1-3 days delivery, postage starts at $4.95. First-Class Mail can take about the same and starts at $0.44. Parcel Post, Library and Media Mail can take between 2-8 days, Parcel starting at $5.10, Library at $2.29 and Media at $2.41.

General, self adhesive and applied stamps for letters cost $0.44 each. They can be sold in a variety of colors, designs and quantities. Customized stamps are very common and can be applied in the usual, top left corner of the envelope. They can ship anywhere in the United States for the same, flat rate. Smaller postcards, with a self adhesive stamp cost $0.29, whereas a larger postcard stamp costs $0.44, like a letter.

Flat rate shipping is another option for shipping, but do not require stamping or postage. These are shipped at a base and fixed rate, regardless of weight. Although this can seem like a deal, postage stamps determined on weight generally are the best option.

Stamps are necessary to prove paid postage on an item being shipped. The price of stamps within The United States Postal Service can change at any time. Fortunately with the outline explained, shippers should be able to easily send parcels, packages and letters with ease.